Hyper energy eight introduction(English page)

Hyper energy eight

Ultimate health and relaxation
Carving 3D treatment

Use weak current 1000〜170μA to activate blood flow, nerve, human body, fascia, help self-healing ability of human beings, adjust / recover / improve cell / fascia . In addition, this weak current restores the damaged area and improves blood flow and lymph fluid flow.

Approach to Cell Unit
Disturbance of biological current occurs at the damaged site. Also, the balance of plus and minus ions collapses at the damaged site. By energizing a weak current there, it promotes activation to the cellular level at the damaged site.

Approach to osteoblasts
Normal bones are regenerated by current in the body. By applying a weak current to bone that is not normal, osteoblasts will also be activated, which will speed up the recovery of fractures and sprains.
Just as machines run by electricity, the human body takes food and water and converts them into electric energy.
The difference between the electric energy of the human body and the electricity of the machinery is that the human body uses weak current effectively. This current keeps the beating of the heart, promotes the digestion of the stomach, and controls other organs as well. Muscles and nerves are also controlled by this weak current. The energy required for cellular activity is generated when the intracellular ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is decomposed. It is the mitochondria in the cell that synthesizes this important ATP. A weak current activates the mitochondrial electron transport system and promotes the synthesis of ATP.

New technology for beauty and health.
The weakened bioelectric current is regulated by the hand of a therapist who has a minute current by the machine.

An autonomic nerve system consists of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, and it controls the function of the body in response to stimulus and information regardless of own will.
By getting the treatment, the functions of these nervous system are improved, the autonomic nerves are well balanced and will lead to vitality improvement.

The greatest feature is to lead to improve health and beauty of therapists as well because weak current flows through them.

The therapist and the customer are healthy and beautiful …
Hyper Energy Eight make you the ultimate healing